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CMPC Foundation

Throughout its history, CMPC has made an effort to develop close relationships and collaboration with the communities among which it exists. In 2000, the CMPC Foundation was born, allowing this support of the communities to be channeled and projected over time, contributing to education and culture.

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Oriented towards quality work for the beneficiaries, with a comprehensive guidance model, an excellent and very committed professional team.

Public – private partnership

The aim is to collaborate with institutions at the national and local levels to contribute to education in alliance with local authorities and aligned with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education.

Focusing and rigorous evaluation

With a focus on language, mathematics, and school management at primary educational levels to leave an impact through the subsequent education of students and their quality of life and that of their community.

Long term vision

The development of capacities and tools for beneficiaries to empower them and promote changes that are implemented in schools and communities.

Transparency and seriousness

Permanent concern for the fulfillment of all the acquired commitments and delivery of complete and periodic information on the actions undertaken.


Investment in the communities and regions in which we collaborate, both in human and material resources of the projects.