Plywood Selex

Plywood Plant

Selex is synonymous with manufacturing excellence, the latest applied technology, high resistance in each product, with outstanding and superior appearance. A brand that always shows the best of CMPC's Wood Products.

Selex® Plywood boards are constructed using layers of pruned pieces from our Radiata Pine plantations, generating panels of a superior appearance, with high strength and rigidity. Our process uses phenol-formaldehyde adhesive, an environmentally responsible product that allows the use both indoors and outdoors, ensuring high durability. Also, the panels are structurally certified according to various international standards, as well as sustainability standards such as FSC and PEFC. A differentiating element of our Selex Plywood is the technology applied to the sanding process, where a 10‑head sander guarantees a homogeneous product with a surface finish and appearance well above the market standard.

Selex is the hallmark of a well-finished, resistant plywood panel of high visual quality. Selex meets the most demanding requirements of appearance, rigidity, and stability, offering a versatile solution for a wide range of applications, such as furniture, transport, construction, and packaging, and many others.